Should I Do A Free Gig?!

advice business Aug 21, 2023

You're just getting started as a DJ and a friend of a friend is throwing a party.  Your friend, Jamie, has told this friend of hers that you are an up and coming DJ and would be a good fit for the party.  John is the friend of the friend and doesn't have any money for a DJ and says "this would be a good look for you".  Do you take the gig?  

There are lots of situations that come up as a DJ in which you are asked to provide your services for free.  Some of those gigs you should say yes to, and others you should run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.  How do you know which gigs you should say yes to? 

In this episode of Coffee with The DJ Coach, we break down this topic and Coach Hapa shares his opinions on this very subject.  


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