Our goal is to TEACH THE WORLD TO DJ!

For the longest time, access to quality DJ Education has been reserved for the select few.  We are on a mission to bring everyone the JOY and ENLIGHTENMENT we've personally experienced through the art of DJing.  With advancements in technology within the DJ industry and beyond, we are able to transform aspiring DJs all over the world. 


Learning to DJ can be an incredibly fun, but also frustrating experience.  There are a ton of great free YouTube videos floating around, but as many, if not more, videos that are outdated, misleading and confusing.  At The DJ Coach, we aren't just interested in showing you a quick skill that you can pull out at a cocktail party to impress your friends.  Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their OWN performance and understanding. 

We have taken the thousands of hours of coaching and developing curriculum and have laid out courses, projects, video series that are step-by-step and practical, accelerating the growth of our members.

In addition to the access to information, we believe that the interaction between members and our coaching staff is extremely important for growth.  That said, coaches are available for 1-on-1 sessions and mentorship and can give more insight beyond or between the on-demand curriculum offered on the site.

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DJ HAPA is considered one of the best guides you could have on the musical journey he creates every night. Describing his sound as “#FeelGoodSound”, he is known for playing a multitude of genres and blending it all together to create a unique soundtrack.  His list of accolades and clients includes such top brands as DucatiFerrari, Formula1, MicrosoftESPNLululemon and The Grammys, just to name a few.  He has shared the stage with artists as diverse as his musical selection: Michael JacksonEarth Wind & Fire, and Drake to Bruno MarsMarshmello, and Chromeo.  In 2016, Hapa created a new group called Phil N Good, where he is executive producing remixes and original tracks accompanied by live instruments. 

HAPA has found a way to blend his 20+ years of experience as a DJ with his passion for teaching, to deliver informative and digestible concepts in the classroom. His degree in Sociology (UCLA ‘03) and his ever-growing diverse list of accolades makes him a tremendous asset as a mentor and coach. HAPA prides himself on being at the cutting edge of music, education and technology and is well versed and certified in practically every major hardware or software brand that is in the DJ space.