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You bought a controller and you may have messed around a little bit but you find yourself stuck. This 7 Day DJ Challenge is project based and will have you performing your first 15 minute set by the end of the week. Yes. The end of the week!

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You've ALWAYS thought about becoming a DJ but you haven't have the time, money, mentor...


  • Use your own controller and take a course SPECIFICALLY for Serato DJ Pro so you don't get confused
  • Go through the exercises with the same tracks as the lessons and get exclusive discounts to sites where pro DJs get their music 
  • STEP-by-STEP process with a PROVEN method
  • 30 Minutes a day or less for 7 DAYS with Quizzes and Exercises to keep you accountable
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Freezy (Los Angeles, CA)

"I've been playing the guitar forever and had a BIG gig opportunity pop up where they wanted me to DJ. I had no idea where to start and took this 7 day challenge. The course was really clear and easy to follow along to. I can't believe how much I learned in a week and the gig went so great, they asked to book me for another one on the spot!"

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Esau (San Jose, CA)

I finished the course and then DJ'ed during the commercials at a Super Bowl party I hosted at my house. It was an older crowd so I mixed some old school with new school. Jumping from island to island - I love that theory!

All you need is 7 Days!

Take advantage of this limited time offer and Start To DJ. Imagine 7 Days from now when you are DJing in front of your friends showing off your new found skills.

You just need to take that first step.


You can learn a lot in 30 minutes/day!


Getting started is easier than you think. We will walk you through a step-by-step process and make sure your necessary settings are correct. By the end of this lesson, you will be blending 2 demo songs together, understanding bars and phrases and are on your way!
We are just going to focus on the software first and the ability to mix WITHOUT the controller.  This will allow you to understand that even without your physical controller, you can still be mixing music at your desk!  This will also allow us to not get distracted or overwhelmed with all of the knobs and buttons that we don't quite need yet. 

Topics covered: Install, Settings, Temporary Cues, Music Theory, Demo Tracks, First Mix, Offline Mode, Tempo, Crossfader


So far you've learned to DJ with only the software, and that's a great start! By now you will likely want to be playing off of the controller and we need to figure out where the best places to transition are from song to song.  We will also be going over where pro DJs get their music and talk about record pools and other sources. 

Topics covered: Music Theory Review, Song Structure Mapping, Hot Cues, BPM/Tempo, Hardware, Channel Faders, Mix on Hardware, Sync, Record Pools


You've acquired some very important tools. Now let's learn how to use those tools YOUR way. In Day 3 we are going to tap into your own musical taste, uncover your raw talent. and begin to refine and polish it.  We will also look at adjusting the grid and how to use the pre-cue.  We will start to touch on basic file organization as well and talk about crates! 

Topics covered: Grid, Mapping, Hot Cues, Pre-Cue, Crates, Re-Analyzing Files


You are learning to give yourself valuable feedback by listening back to your recordings and now we will add in several tools to help smooth out the mix. You will also learn about key and harmonics as a way to determine which songs can go with one another.

Topics covered: Recording, Filter, EQ, Auto Gain, Tempo Range, Key


Loops can be a great tool to extend a section that you want to mix in or out of and knowing how and when to set the auto loop is essential!  In this lesson, we will also get deeper into rhythm and timing and gaining more confidence on the controller. 

Topics covered: Auto loops, Rhythm and Timing on the Pads, Critical listening of their mix


Let’s switch it up! Playing at one tempo too long can feel monotonous. Learn how to switch tempo using effects, samples and other techniques. This can also help you demonstrate control when performing.  We will also cover some basic Scratching! 

Topics covered: Echo, Rhythm and Timing with Scratching, Tempo Change, Song Tagging, Sampler, Power Down


GO DJ! When this final day is done, you will have prepared a 10-15 minute set and are getting ready to play in front of a friend, family members; maybe even busting out your controller and taking over at a party! Don’t worry about something going wrong. Today you will learn some of the most common technical issues and how to solve them!

Topics covered: Final Set Preparation, Hardware, Queue, Troubleshooting

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