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Get Started with the Controller you own!

These comprehensive, step-by-step courses are PROJECT BASED! 
You will be learning the fundamentals of DJing while working towards putting together your first 15-20 minute mix!
Look for the right course for you below and if you need help, reach out to us!

DJControl Inpulse 500

DJControl Starlight

Start Your DJ Challenge Now

Provided complimentary for a LIMITED TIME
by Hercules DJ (valued at $149 USD). Fill out the form below get your 30 Day Access.

*These courses are designed SPECIFICALLY for the DJControl Inpulse 500 and DJControl Starlight.  If you have a different Hercules DJ Controller, please select Other and Coupon Code: DISCOVER on the menu to redeem your free Mini Course.

What to expect: 

  • Daily lessons take 20-30 minutes to complete and are broken into 3 parts.
  • Download our DJ Coach Demo Pack so you are able to follow the lessons, step-by-step!
  • Each day has a short quiz and exercise to help guide you in your learning process.
  • Submit your final mix for ACTUAL feedback from our team!
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Lessons include: 

  • Basic Music Theory and Song Structure
  • Using the FX and EQ to Smooth Out the mix
  • Rhythm and Timing Exercises with Basic Scratching
  • Using loops and editing grid
  • Learning how to switch tempo within your set
  • Recording and Performance Tips
    and MUCH MORE!