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Get Started with the Controller you own!

These comprehensive, step-by-step courses are PROJECT BASED! 
You will be learning the fundamentals of DJing while working towards putting together your first 15-20 minute mix!
Look for the right course for you below and if you need help, reach out to us!

Starlight Controller


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Inpulse 200

I OWN THE 200!
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Inpulse 300

I OWN THE 300!
Inpulse 500

Inpulse 500

I OWN THE 500!
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Inpulse T7


What to expect: 

  • Daily lessons take 20-30 minutes to complete and are broken into 3 parts.
  • Download our DJ Coach Demo Pack so you are able to follow the lessons, step-by-step!
  • Each day has a short quiz and exercise to help guide you in your learning process.
  • Submit your final mix for ACTUAL feedback from our team!
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Lessons include: 

  • Basic Music Theory and Song Structure
  • Using the FX and EQ to Smooth Out the mix
  • Rhythm and Timing Exercises with Basic Scratching
  • Using loops and editing grid
  • Learning how to switch tempo within your set
  • Recording and Performance Tips
    and MUCH MORE!