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Learn How to Make Your Own Edits & Beats!

In this 8 module course, we will be demystifying the super powerful program Ableton Live and will show you how you can use this software to start creating and enhancing your overall performance and confidence!

What to expect: 

  • Step-by-Step Method that focuses in on what you NEED to know to create a particular project
  • Course is all on-demand, so you can pause, rewind and rewatch as much as you want
  • You will go through 8 different modules and in the process will create a handful of DJ edits and an original beat based off of a sample pack
  • Ableton Live Intro is INCLUDED! If you already have a copy of Ableton, please contact us
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BONUS: Ableton Live Intro software included ($99 value)

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Sample Projects: 


  • Sequencing Scenes
  • Song structure and arrangement


  • Creating a Short Version of a Song to be able to mix out of it quicker
  • Creating a tempo transition track
BUY NOW - $149


Song Structure Basics Basic Music Theory Basic Warping
Splitting Clips Cut and Paste Functions Fades
Launching Clips Learning Tempo Muting Clips
Importing tracks Re-arranging clips Organization: color coding & renaming
Reading Waveforms Using Markers Automation